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Fight the rust before it fights you!
We are rust proofing experts that are familiar with local conditions and know how to prevent rust for the long term. We have access to the most up-to-date application procedures as well as the best tried-and-true anti-corrosive coatings.

We are experts in the application of rust-proofing solutions. We use a variety of materials to customise what is best for your vehicle. We can apply a clear coating to newer automobiles (up to three years old). For older cars, we primarily utilise black bitumen-based, but depending on the condition of the chassis, we will use the best products for achieving the highest quality results. To treat existing surface rust, we employ a variety of solutions. Please discuss your option for clear or black bitumen with us when you drop off your vehicle. Cavity wax is applied to all cars.

Your Ultimate Protection Against Rust

We provide you with the best treatments to protect your vehicle, trailer, or caravan from the corrosive effects of the ocean and climatic factors.

Rust proofing is one of the most important things your car requires to battle rust and other destructive effects for anyone parking, living or traveling at or near the ocean. As a result, we’ve developed one of the most advanced treatments available for your vehicle.

With our years of expertise in the industry, our passion for vehicles, and our in-depth knowledge of our country’s climate, we realise the necessity of having a vehicle that can weather the elements, rough terrain, and beach drives.

Furthermore, we understand that most of our customers seeking rust proofing solutions want to know that the substances we employ will not add to pollution in our towns and environment. We care about the environment, and we want to give you peace of mind that when you bring your car in for rustproofing, our solutions are environmentally caring and conscious, allowing you to rest at ease.

This is how our rust proofing works:

One of the main sites of entry for corrosion is the underbody of your vehicle. As a result, we start by thoroughly cleaning your vehicle with a high-pressure steam/heat gurney to remove all sand, salt, and road debris before applying the rust proofing sealant to prevent them from becoming trapped. We use a rust conqueror on existing surface rust to stop it in its tracks and prolong and prevent any rust production after your underbody is clean and dry. If the current rust is more profound than the surface and requires additional treatment, we will discuss it with you. Finally, we coat the underbody with a bitumen-based sealer spray. These chemicals act as an active participant in your fight to keep your car well maintained and free of dreaded rust.

Additionally, we apply a wax-based coating to the chassis and cross member to protect them. This prevents any unwanted from building up inside your structural support and degrading the metal.

We can design rustproofing solutions to your specific requirements, and additionally, we can wax inner door panels, the engine, the bonnet, the tailgate, and other areas. For expert assistance and information, simply contact our team.