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We take pride in the range and quality of services we provide our customers. Our team are specially trained and use the latest cleaning, detaling and servicing techniques to provide the very best finish.

Car Detailing

Our car care professionals employ a procedure that we’ve extensively researched and tested to detail your vehicle with great care and attention to detail while keeping our costs low.

Caravan, Camper trailer & Motorhome Detailing

Why not have your caravan or camper van thoroughly cleaned? We also offer detailing.

Rust Protection Coating

We are rust proofing experts that are familiar with local conditions and how to prevent rust for the long term.

Window Tinting

Our auto tinting service team is onsite here at Torquay Detailing or mobile-ready to provide you with the best finish for your vehicle.

Ceramic Coating

Your car is a valuable asset, so it makes sense to protect it the best way you can. At Torquay Detailing, we use an industry-leading ceramic coating to provide long-lasting protection for your vehicle.